John Dewey Lim “Steven Chow” Out On Bond And Back On Craigslist

John Dewey Lim, or “Steven Chow” as he sometimes likes to be known by, is out of jail and back on Craigslist posting his usual ads trolling for women and “investors” to scam for money. After posting a $5,500 bond last week, showing up in court yesterday and being told of his new court date, Lim has postings on Craigslist […]

John Dewey Lim “Steven Chow” Out On Bond And Back On Craigslist John Dewey Lim “Steven Chow” Out On Bond And Back On Craigslist

Biggest Bully In America Is Obama President of the United States

President Obama continues to bully the American people and the House by shoving his ideas down our throats threatening “Executive Orders” and vetoes if he doesn’t get his way. He needs to go!

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Jury Sentences Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev To Death

After 63 witnesses and deliberating since Wednesday, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, was given the death penalty by a jury of seven women and five men.

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Media Continues Twisting Words Of Potential Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush On Iraq War

Fox’s The Kelly File interviewed Jeb Bush, potential candidate for President, regarding his thoughts on invading Iraq during his brother, George Bush’s reign. Speculation has circled his answer to the question, “knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion?” His answer was, “I would have and so would have Hillary Clinton.”

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John Dewey Lim Arrested In Omaha Nebraska Awaiting Extradition To Kansas

John Dewey Lim, once again he is in custody on an active warrant out of Kansas. He is currently in the Douglas County Corrections in Omaha, Nebraska waiting to be picked up.

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Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Vetoes Body Cams For Cops After Advocating The Bill
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The question of how Freddie Gray met his demise would have been answered had Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake not vetoed body cams for cops after the city council voted to pass the bill in November 2014. Her veto is directly against the policies she recommended to Obama with her written testimony to the Task Force on 21st Century Policing. This entire […]

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Baltimore Riots And Freddie Gray Incident Spark Concerns Over Martial Law And Military Presence
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If you’re not sure what Martial Law would look like, you can just take a glance at the riots and protests which began in Baltimore this past week. Calling for military “backup,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was able to further her avocation of federalizing local police by allowing criminals to destroy several businesses, burn buildings and loot. Her exact words were, […]

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Russians Invade United States Airspace While Media Covers Baltimore And Freddie Gray
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On April 22, 2015 two Russian Bear H Bombers invaded the air space over Alaska while covering the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore over the past week and a half. The two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska however, unlike the previous six interecptions last year, the United States did not deploy intercepting aircraft according […]

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Gay and Lesbian Rights Activists Shove Fascist Agenda Down Throats Of Conservatives Christians
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I’m sick of being told my rights have to be violated because I’m supposed to be “tolerant” of the way a person want’s to live their life. Now – in private business, these vigorous protesters are trying to violate my right to do business with whomever I want!

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Charles Barkley, Former NBA Star Weighs Evidence Siding With Grand Jury in Darren Wilson Ferguson Missouri Case
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Former NBA star Charles Barkley says the forensic evidence and the testimony of real witnesses supports Officer Darren Wilson’s version of what happened in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

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