The Arrogant Antagonist
Why is Bob Rainek allowing Convicted Felon Clifford Aragon to teach his daughter how to shoot heroin, smoke crack and meth? Why won't Bob Rainek tell the truth? Why is he constantly hiding and dodging from questions and lying in court? Antonito, Colorado Police recover stolen property taken by Cliff Aragon in a scheme to frame the current managers of the Steam Train Hotel for stealing. Aragon was ordered off the property by the managers weeks before the incident. Prior to this Aragon was sited for second degree trespassing for tampering with locks on the premises. Click the picture to read the full story! The new faces of racism have replaced White Supremacist Leaders and the KKK. These are the people to fear. They are using the race card to take away your rights! Dianna Liner and Liner Entertainment Group continue to solicit funds from investors regardless of Securities Sanctions and Investment Laws

Cliff Aragon, known drug addict and thief, Caught Redhanded by Police with Stolen Property from Steam Train Hotel in Antonito, Colorado

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