Did Casey Anthony Kill Her Daughter?

After watching most of the Casey Anthony trial and beginning it with the attitude of she did it, I am now left wondering what the hell happened? In fact, during the entire trial, I kept wondering so who killed little Caylee Anthony?

Did Casey Anthony Really Kill Little Caylee Anthony? We May Never Know

Anthony had an attorney, Jose Baez, who really didn’t hurt her as the “press” thinks he did. In fact, if I was on the jury I’d be asking the judge if we could give her a manslaughter conviction. Why? Because not one expert witness could place Casey at the scene of the crime, where ever that was and they still don’t know, place her fingerprints anywhere or prove she had anything to do with any part of it except being totally irresponsible with her daughter.

Since Casey won’t say, I’m guessing she knows what happened and it probably was an accident that cause  the death of Caylee Anthony. Casey probably got mad and shook her, pushed her or something that caused the child to die. Since she’s such a liar, she tried to lie her way out of it and it got into a crazy mess because of this and her possessive parents.

Looks like George Anthony is where Casey gets the lying since he clearly had an affair with one of the search team members. He had a reason to lie to his wife, but the woman didn’t have any reason to lie. She seemed credible.

But the Anthony’s as a whole seem like they are just one disfunctional family with a controlling mother who probably belittled Casey in every way possible and taking charge of the granddaughter.

This seems a likely reason for Casey to lie to her mother and try to cover up the body of the little girl. But again, who knows if that even happened since the meter reader witness, Roy Kronk is a super suspicious character who seems like he knew where the body was and moved it around.

Is the guy just a dumbass or does he seriously think it’s a good thing to move a dead body? Do people really go around poking human skulls with sticks? That’s highly doubtful, which means there has to be more to the story than Kronk swoops in to “find the remains of Caylee Anthony.”

This whole trial has been a bunch of innuendo and very little fact. Nobody knows how Caylee died, nobody knows who killed her and nobody will say how the evidence relates to her death. Nobody knows and it’s not even circumstantial.

What Next?

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3 Responses to "Did Casey Anthony Kill Her Daughter?"

  1. David says:

    Please: Recuse yourself.

    From everything.


  2. Cyndi Xu says:

    I agree with you 100%. I read much about this case and as shocked as I am, I come to the conclusion that Casey did accidentally kill her daughter due to uncontrolled anger and she had someone to back her up and cover for her. The duct tape around the little girls mouth/skull shows that she was not allowed to talk/.scream… I am surprised that the murderer/killer has not been named and there is not exact proof as to who killed the poor girl. God is the only person who knows exactly who did this to Caley. And to comfort my soul that hurts when I hear about Caley. I only tell myself, someday, somehow the truth will be out. Nobody can get away with murder even if it was unintentionally. Justice always prevails. If not now, one day it will. Til that day, we shall wait and hand this case of to God who sees and knows the heart of man. He is the true judge. We can do nothing.. Lets hope Casey will find the heart to be bold and courageous enough to come forward with the truth.

  3. Babs says:

    They need to hire a psychic, somebody who can connect with visions.

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