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According to The Ranger, Freemont County’s daily newspaper, candidate for County Commissionar Ward 2 Lucille Kara has been arrested for DUI. I find this interesting because when I was there, she would drink a bottle of wine every night and each week, we would throw out a case of wine. Finally, she’s been at least arrested on this!

So let’s get this straight. Lucille Kara wants to be a County Commissioner in her area which would mean, if she was ever elected to a public office, threats and corruption would be a sure bet.

Running for public office? Are you kidding me? That’s like asking Hitler to run for re-election! There’s no way this is ever going to fly.

The people in Lander, Wyoming are a lot smarter than that! They understand the antics Ibrahim and Lucille Kara have inflicted on the town and they know not to work for them. Even before we left that motel the town’s people were telling us all about them. They couldn’t believe they had recruited us from so far away to work for them.

Lucille Kara for any kind of government office is a total crock. What possesses a person to even think they have a shot at becoming an advocate for the people through an election where Lucille clearly doesn’t care about rules, laws or the government. WOW! REALLY?

People might as well elect a hitman with inscribed bullets for each of the town’s people. This is completely outrageous!

Yes – you throw your hat in the ring Lucille and I will stomp all over it to make sure you’re not elected to any kind of government office.

It’s one thing to be arrested for standing up for your principles or even defending someone, but DUI? on top of everything else? Seriously?

You may be wondering why I continue to post stories relating to the saga which is Lucille Kara and the Frontier Lodge and Maverick Restaurant. Here’s the answer:

If just one person Google’s their name – Ibrahim and Lucille Kara and finds out the real truth behind working for them and decides to stay away from this horrible employer, then it’s worth it to me. I would hope that anyone who believes in justice and fairness would help me in the fight to make them treat people in any encounters with them with dignity and respect.

It’s true, it will probably never happen and since Rick Sollars is the attorney for the City of Lander, I wonder if he is going to represent Lucille in the criminal matter of DUI. It must be an interesting dilemma for him since that would be defending an alleged criminal rather than prosecuting one.

I would hope he would drop her as a client except for the money. They have to be paying a ton of money to him to keep them out of trouble. Of course, this is only speculation, but who knows? I would really hate to be him. I would think it would be a moral and ethical issue.

Since Lucille Kara wants to threaten people and treat them like crap, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. My bet is she probably yelled at the arresting officer and tried to deny she was drunk. That’s most likely since in her world, she’s always right and can do no wrong.

I am sure they will take it easy on her for her  first DUI, but I guess that depends on if it really is her first DUI? Another interesting question.

But for those of you who are interested, and I know you are because you email me – the link to the report is at: and you’ll find her name on the list.

Now, I’m not usually as diligent about pursuing someone who is an obvious law-breaker when it comes to employees and thumbs their nose at judges for their decisions. However, I think the biggest reason I’m all over this is because I don’t think it’s right to bring people from out of state or out of country and treat them like slaves.

On top of that, I don’t think it’s right for an American to hate America after she and Ibrahim are taking advantage of our laws which are meant to help people in business and twist them into elaborate webs of deceit to fund their own bank account.

The more information that is out there about Ibrahim and Lucille Kara, the more people will be able to avoid their scams and schemes.  If there would have been more information from people willing to step forward and tell the real truth about them, we would never have traveled so far to be abused and treated so poorly by them.

So for all of you who get it – great!

And here’s fair warning – if you plan on treating people like slaves, sexually harassing employees or trying to take their wages, if I find out and there is proof, I intend to post it.

We should have background checks for employers if they can do background checks on employees. It’s only fair. No one wants to work for a psycho or socio-path.

Is this really the kind of person anyone would want to represent them as a Freemont County Commissioner?