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Angus Jones of “Two and a Half Men” fame is choosing his religious convictions over his lucrative television show. Telling viewers to “stop watching” and saying the show is “filth,” he said the stories portrayed don’t convey his beliefs anymore.

Critics have been wondering if Jones is “brainwashed” or “manipulated” by his friends and religious mentors in the Seventh Day Adventist church. However, Steven Baldwin told Good Morning America, he knows Jones and it appears as if he is making his own decisions based on his own thoughts and spiritual growth.

And KUDOS to Jones for standing up for what he believes! For me, Two and a Half Men has always been a perpetuation of low morals, stereotypes and ridiculous antics. Shouldn’t someone have said something a long time ago?

Miley Cyrus and Angus Jones on Two and a Half Men

Why is it when a celebrity “gets a clue” or stands up for what he believes in based on religious convictions all of a sudden they are labeled as “crazy,” “brainwashed” or “manipulated?”

It seems as if those critics don’t have any morals, can’t see the show is trash and pretty much has nothing to contribute to the betterment of society. Not every show has to be a contribution, but at least it can be funny without promoting filth which Two and a Half Men actually does.

We’re trying to get our kids to stop having random sex, quit abusing drugs and alcohol and have some respect for women. Instead, the show takes all of those elements and throws them out the window.

Even without religion, the show promotes filth. Now add a religious conviction and it’s even worse.

And now the media has a new headline – Angus Jones Apologizes! Well that’s not exactly true. He didn’t take back what he said. In fact, he still stands behind what he said. He just apologized if anyone is offended by what he said, including his co-workers.

It’s true, some will be offended because without the show, they have no job, but – that’s the breaks.

Get a new job and keep up the good work Angus! I wish more people would stand up for what’s right and start thinking about what they’re doing!