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Hard working Americans go to their jobs earning money to support their families. However, not only are they supporting their own families, they are supporting those who won’t work and have no intention of lifting a finger to help our communities or society as a whole.

In another article, I wrote about a 60-year old woman who is scamming the system. She’s worked a total of four years of her life. And I’m not saying she’s sat at home and raised kids or been a housewife. She’s actually had her kids taken from her, lives in complete and total filth and smokes one cigarette after another while popping pills with the other hand.

She hasn’t done a thing her whole life that would be considered charitable or “giving back to society.” She’s milked the system with so-called mental issues and hypochondria. She has had the tax payers provide housing, food, medication, utilities and cash.

This woman should be an award winning actress for her performance on demand when she has to show she is “incapable” of doing anything with authorities present. She’s learned, if you act like you are mentally ill, they will feel sorry for you and give you pills for depression and sleep.
In reality, she takes the entire 120 pills  – a 30 day supply – in less than seven days, snorts her migraine nasal spray – a 21 day supply –  in two days, takes her Ambian at noon – two pills not one – and pops them as fast as she can in two weeks and within 14 days of the month – all that’s left are her meds for depression which don’t make her high and a few Ibuprofen. She has a mild vascular disease which she tells her doctor “on a scale of 1-10, where’s your pain?” it’s close to 10 if not more. She knows if she says anything else, the doctor won’t give her any Vicadin (hydrocodone) for the next three months. She fakes her symptoms in order to make sure she gets her meds, telling the doctor she she’s got migraines.

She pays about $1.50 for each of the meds which makes these powerful drugs accessible for abuse on the $500 a month cash she gets from the government through Social Security and disability.  There’s no motivation for quitting since she doesn’t have to work, won’t clean, won’t cook, won’t get off the couch and watches TV all day.

Counselors have said maybe she’s mentally unable to work. Maybe she can’t handle working. But there’s no order to go to counseling. She’s not under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist. The government isn’t making her go see someone for her “mental condition” and she isn’t ordered to do anything except go to the doctor, who is also paid by the system, to get her meds.

And there’s another aspect which is disturbing. She has four dogs, with worms, seven cats which rule the house and step on everything, pooping in two cat boxes which are horrifying. She won’t run water at her house because she’s afraid the water will run out and won’t let anyone flush the toilet for the same reason.

Her electric is $45 a month and she has no house payment since that was left to her by her mother when she died. She uses antenna for the TV so there’s no bill there and the government pays for her heat, food and meds.

So what does she spend the American tax payers hard earned money on? Dog food, cat food, litter and smokes. She buys premium dog and cat food because she believes if you feed them well, pets will live longer. She also puts cat food outside in the yard for the neighborhood cats to eat so they won’t starve. We the American people are paying for cats to be fed outside and she wonders why new cats keep joining the crowd every few months.

What she can’t afford after spending her money on the cats and dogs and smokes, she borrows from other people. She will buy a $9 pack of cigarettes everyday rather than roll her own.

Let’s do the calculations on the cigarettes alone, $9 per day for 365 days per year = $3285. The cash she gets yearly from the government is a little over $6000. So over half of the money given to her by the American people is spent on smoking which makes us have to pay for her medical bills. She has already been diagnosed with COPD caused by smoking.

Then every month she spends $100 on a bag of dog food for the four critters, which is another $1200 a year. Add the cats at another $100 and we’re now up to $5685 spent of the American people’s money which has nothing to do with her ability to live a decent life.

That leaves her $315 a year for all the rest of whatever she needs. Now let’s add her medication which again, we the American people are paying for and you’ve got another $9 per month or approximately $108 per year.

She’s also visiting the food pantry which gives her trash bags, paper towels and toilet paper. That’s all free and paid for by the goodwill and labor of the American people. Her cell phone is paid for by the free programs given to her by those who believe she is incapable of working.

This woman spends more in cigarettes than she does her own health and we, the people of the United States are paying for it all.

What really happens daily is she sits on the couch watching TV getting high from as many meds as she can shove down her throat. She lets her dogs defecate in the house and on her deck and the cats can jump on all the counters and lick the food. Her cabinets are filled with mouse droppings and urine while her dishes sit in the sink for about three days before she will break down and wash them.

She’ll go to the store by way of someone else driving her, gets nice meats and cheeses, puts them in the fridge to rot and then throws them out because she was too lazy to get up and fix them.

She’s the fastest running 60-year old ill woman I’ve ever seen. She’s so fast, she runs after her dogs and cats whenever they need anything. Picks their butts when they have dried feces on them and then touches all the surfaces in the house with her gross hands and still, we the people are paying for all of this.

It’s a scam. A total 100% scam she’s running. I see her all the time and she isn’t mentally depressed. She’s mean. That’s for sure, she is mean and nasty to everyone. Mainly because she can be and she seems to feel like society owes her something.

What should we do? We should demand people like her be forced to volunteer somewhere within the community to do some good some where. We should demand she pay for her own dog food and cat food and stop giving her money unless she contributes in some way to the system.

There are people in this world who are truly ill and need our compassion and care but she’s not one of them. She is one of the millions out there who take us for all we’re worth and then think we owe her. She takes from those in need and doesn’t care who she hurts.

We could have had some overhaul to this system but we’re just too “kind hearted” and want to believe all people are good. Instead of screening these people and checking up on them, we just brush it to the side and pretend all is well in welfare land.

The system is broken and frankly, I’m tired of paying for it!