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It’s ludicrous thinking to suggest the NRA (National Rifle Association) be responsible for the handful of wackos wielding guns and killing people in groups. When did people stop being responsible for their own actions. Oh, that’s right, when the liberals who suggest we take guns out of people’s hands decided to coddle the psychos and give them medication.

The picture is very clear. Let’s see if we can draw this with crayon. Group A – A group of people unarmed. Group B – A group of people armed.

imagesGroup A – Unarmed group, trying to make peace and lead a decent life, law abiding.

Group B – Armed group, could care less about laws and wants to take what the unarmed people have. They figure it’s like shooting fish in a barrel so they kill them.

Conclusion – Bad guys win because unarmed people can’t defend themselves against evil. Evil wins.

Now, let’s take this scenario. Group A – law abiding hardworking armed citizens trying to make an honest living. Group B – A group of people who are armed.

Group A – minding their own business and are still law abiding.

Group B – decides to attack Group A and take what they’ve got. Won’t be easy, Group A is armed and plans to defend themselves. But we can try…

Group B moves in to attack Group A only to find out they really will defend their property. Group B decides it’s better to leave than be killed.

guncontrolYes, this is a simple scenario but there’s no room to actually write every single scene that could take place in the whole world. We’ve got to get a little common sense here. Also, the percentage of people going into the work place killing their co-workers  or shooting kids at school is a small number compared to those who own guns and are responsible.

Can’t we get some common sense? People who intend on harming others are going to do it regardless of how many laws we have or who wants to point the finger at who.

What part is difficult to understand? The part that criminals don’t care about laws that’s why the are called criminals or the part where we can’t understand what would make a person go off the deep end and start shooting kids.

Criminals have been getting guns illegally for many years. Not only that, the American government has been putting firearms in the hands of foreigners as long as there have been wars.

Now we want to make an organization like the NRA responsible for anyone who kills anyone else? If that’s true, Planned Parenthood should be responsible for the millions of babies they’ve killed each year. Pro-Life activists – get ready because your day is coming to make Planned Parenthood responsible.


And what about Social Workers who place kids in Foster Homes where they get raped and sometimes murdered? Should the social worker be responsible and the department they work for too?

How about making the City Inspectors responsible for green lighting projects that later collapse and kill people. We charge the builder with those crimes and the inspectors get off scott-free!

What is it going to take to make people realize they are and should be responsible for their own actions and no piling on of stricter laws is going to fix the problems? When will people wake up and understand, punishment for your own actions would deter people a lot faster than pleading the insanity defense and trying to point fingers.

Evil is evil and that’s the bottom line. Evil doesn’t care about laws. Evil doesn’t care how you feel and evil is ruthless when it comes to getting what it wants.

gun-control-expertsThe do-gooders who are trying to wimpify the world are just making Evil that much stronger.

And to The Observer and the author of the “Make the NRA accountable for the actions of gun owners” article – you people are more dangerous than any criminal.

You want to take away our right to bare arms and don’t even use your brains long enough to see criminals are pointing guns at your head. Evil is licking it’s lips getting ready to pounce on your naivity or stupidity. Throw a dart, take your pick. Either one is just as dangerous as the other.

I am armed and I will defend myself if need be. That’s my right and I will be responsible for any actions I take regarding my life and my property and those I must defend against Evil.

That being said, when a gun control activist’s life and property needs to be defended against those gun wielding wackos we can’t control, are we supposed to just drop everything and run over to their defense?

We would, but that’s not the point. How hypocritical it is when these so-called gun control activist’s life and liberty are at stake against these criminals to even ask us to defend them when they won’t defend themselves.  It’s not really fair to scream from the mountains about gun control and then ask me to pick up a gun and defend you. When the chips are down, you’ll be looking for those armed citizens to help you and we will, but it won’t be willingly.

It will be out of a sense of duty to mankind we will help you. It’s your own stupidity that will put you where you don’t want to be.

But I believe it was an army man who said it so well, “We are over here defending your right to be an idiot.”