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White Plains, New York must be the home of complete idiots running the newspaper over there if they can be so stupid as to throw out the basics of good journalism and put the lives of pretty much everyone in the surrounding community in danger. Publishing any list of names and addresses of a controversial nature is just plain and simple, irresponsible.

Using the term “journalist” is really insulting for those of us who actually try to write news. Granted, this publication is more opinion than news, but we’re not going to be publishing the names and addresses of anyone who could be in danger from what we write. That’s a cardinal sin in journalism.

So, in the realm of the World of Idiots – we have a publication called The Journal News, located in White Plains, New York, calling themselves “news,” run by some moron sitting in his easy chair thinking he’s going to put his two cents in where it doesn’t belong. In fact, journalism is supposed to be about reporting not opinion. Editorial is for opinion and trying to lamely stand behind the Freedom of Information Act is a strike against journalism everywhere.

1226-guns-map.jpg_full_600We’ve got a guy at the helm of the publication who is obviously siding with the fluff-for-brains anti-gun fanatics who can’t seem to get their blinders off to see they are really harming their neighbors with this type of thinking.  It is clear, The Journal News of White Plains is run by whatever twisted news the Editor wants the people to have. That’s not news, that’s opinion covered in the cloak of news.

At least one can be honest and say what they think. Write an editorial, have an opinion column where you have the right to be an idiot. Don’t use your newspaper as a way to tell the world you’re one of the mush-for-brains non-thinking liberals spewing garbage in the streets unless you’re going to actually fess up.

On this site, we fess up. We admit this is our opinion. You have actually broken so many rules of good reporting and doing good in the world, you can no longer call yourselves journalists. You’re just liberal fluff-heads with notions of grandeur and a world filled with flowers. Good luck with that buddy!

There have been times when we killed stories because it would put innocent people in danger. We thought it through, we decided it wasn’t worth people’s lives to report some stories.

idiotsThe Fluff Head running the White Plains Journal News has now let every criminal know who is unarmed. However, what is completely ironic is those who are now mad about publishing the names and addresses of the armed, understand they don’t have any weapons to defend themselves. The people who are mad are the unarmed, fluff-for-brains anti-gun activists!

And now we come to the other side of the coin. The stupid unarmed fluff-for-brains anti-gun activists are worried they are going to be attacked and guess who they will ask to their rescue?

The very people they are trying to unarm! We will hold on to our weapons and defend these idiot neighbors against the attacks which are now bound to happen. Not only that, each and every target is now pinpointed with complete accuracy using Google Maps! Get ready folks, it’s Go Time!

I’m sitting here, pretty much laughing because I’d rather be on the list of gun toting defenders of the constitution and the right to bear arms then those who are sitting in their houses like scared rabbits listening to every movement outside their windows wondering when the other shoe will drop.

I’d like to ask that “Editor-In-Chief” over at the Fluff-for-Brains New York newspaper how he feels about running a publication of morons.

This is who gets hurt with irresponsible journalism!

This is who gets hurt with irresponsible journalism!

I’d be jumping off that band wagon pretty fast since the paper has now put themselves, all their employees, the neighborhood, surrounding communities and anyone who sides with them in the “danger zone” of wacko shooters looking for fresh meat.

You didn’t help anything buddy. In fact, I would guess you serve Kool-aid at company picnics. Watch out folks! This guys is dangerous!

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