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Criminals will be criminals regardless of how many laws are passed to prevent tragic events. Bad things happen to good people and that’s just the way it is. It’s reality. Passing more laws to pretend to tighten the screws on criminals is in reality, hurting law abiding citizens.

That’s the nature of crime. It laughs in the face of law. So what good does it do to make more laws. Criminals get guns, with or without permits. That’s why they are criminals. Law abiding, compliant citizens who obtain their gun permits and purchase firearms legally are already obeying the law.

The bottom line is criminals are maniacs. They don’t follow rules. Passing more rules and regulations to make the criminals who aren’t following the rules comply isn’t going to work. Not only that, posting the names, addresses and phone number of those who have permits and own guns just tells the criminals there’s an easier target next door.

training-firearms-securityHow hard is it to understand? Kids can understand it. If kids get it, why are the liberals trying to loudly and obnoxiously try to convince us to expose ourselves to the criminal intent of those willing to harm us and forcibly take what we’ve worked for?

It’s almost like we have to get the crayons out to get these marshmallow heads to understand, taking away our defenses is not going to stop crime. They will find a way and we will be helpless to combat those trying to harm us if liberals get their way.

Jesse Ventura made a good point to Piers “I’m an Idiot” Morgan. If there had been a conceal carry permit in the theater in Colorado the night of the shooting, James Holmes could have been taken down immediately. There wouldn’t have been any waiting for police to show up and give the guy time to shoot more people. Those with conceal carry permits are trained and have been through the gun safety programs in order to have those permits.  You don’t just sign up and get a gun permit. You have to take a course and pass a test to have those permits.

Instead, we’ve got some random shooter walking in to a theater and shooting people who are not protected. Lives could have been saved. And Morgan, in true liberal style, said it could have been a shoot out at the OK Corral. Seriously? I think the gun fight would have ended pretty quick with Holmes dead if someone would have had a legal gun in the theater.

There’s no good scenario here. There’s nothing good about shooting bad guys, but they give you no choice in this situation. That’s where the liberals don’t get it.

When the chips are really down, and lives are in danger, then liberals want protection. They want body guards, they want this and that and cotton balls flying through the air while the other guy has to have the guts and level head to deal with tough situations.

No one is saying it’s easy to have to be in that position. Facing the reality that crime happens and bad people exist is just dealing in the real world.

homeschoolNot only that, we also have Obama saying we have to prevent psychos from running rampant and getting guns. Really? Just exactly how is that going to happen?

There might be some indications that a person is unstable but it’s pretty hard to tell. I know a lot of quirky people who are not going to go around shooting people. They are just odd. They aren’t on the edge of a breakdown. If we start “labeling” people who have quirks, we might was well all put a stamp on our heads with some form of weirdness.

The other solution to not having your kids killed in school is to home school them. Yeah – what a thought!  We could actually, seriously teach our own kids and wow – wouldn’t that be a concept!