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President Obama signed into legislation a bill on February 7, 2013 that could not only prohibit citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights, but would also give federal agents the ability to arrest peaceful protestors and imprison them on felony charges for exercising their freedom of speech.

The bill, HR 347, gives federal agents the ability to dictate areas in which free speech would be strictly prohibited where the Secret Service is present, and also grants them the power to arrest and detain individuals exercising their freedom of speech and their right to peaceful political protest.

The Secret Service, under this new bill, is now able to establish “No Free Speech Zones”, where any individual caught exercising their freedom of speech would be faced with felony criminal charges and up to a year of jail time.The bill was passed with overwhelming support from both parties with little to no information made available to the public before the bill was signed into law.  No opportunity for public debate was given, and there was very little debate within Congress.

Obama signing anti-protest legislation into law

Obama signing anti-protest legislation into law

HR 347 is a classic move straight from the liberal playbook.  The general attitude of liberals overall has been one of “if I don’t like it, no one else should have the right to do it.”  Not only does this bill draw a disturbing line, it sets a dangerous precedence for the American people, making us unable to petition our government for a redress of grievances, unable to peacefully protest it’s currently radical and un-American practices, or even to voice our opinions regarding the President (unless they are like-minded Socialist opinions, that is).

The truly mind-boggling aspect of all of this is that Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, echoing the sentiments of so many other American citizens, declared it to be a slow and gradual destruction of our United States Constitution, when in fact, it’s a shock-and-awe campaign against the founding principles of this nation.


Within the past two months, not only have we seen our Second Amendment rights so limited and stifled that in some states counter legislation has been passed by the GOP in a desperate attempt to protect and defend our constitutional rights, but the people are now seeing the government dictate to them what they can and cannot say, write, or publish.  What is happening is not a slow, gradual destruction of the Constitution.  It is happening now, quickly, and without shame or apology.