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United States – Little Rock, ARK – License plate readers for police are becoming more popular as many cities believe they can deter crime with these high tech gadgets. The consequences are another intrusion by government into our lives.

Here’s how it works. A plate reader is mounted in the police car and continually scans the area to see if there are any “violators” of any laws. This is not just traffic laws – any laws including any outstanding traffic tickets which would ultimately lead to an arrest. The information from the reader is quickly sent to a central location and sends a flashing red light back to the officer if any problem is found.

The reader also takes a picture of the license plate and archives it for future use if needed. Currently there are very few laws about the time length of saving this collected data which means, when the government has it – it’s for however long they decide they want to keep it.

Many city governments are getting these license plate readers without informing their citizens. Since lawmakers and law enforcement don’t really see the need in telling their communities about the readers, apparently the people are no longer running the government, the government is running the people.

Now here’s an interesting bit of information on the intrusion and manipulative behavior recent experienced by myself and a family member which involves this coercion.

About three weeks ago, a family member called the ambulance in the community. Then after about thirty minutes on the phone, they were feeling better and told the operator on the phone the didn’t feel the need to have the ambulance come to the house. Not only that, the 911 operator asked several times if there was still a need for the EMTs to come to the house and if they didn’t want assistance, the ambulance would not continue since it was a far distance.

After repeatedly telling the 911 operator they were no longer needed, a knock on the door was received and the EMTs had arrived. Proceeding into the house, they did the routine check and determined the “patient” was fine. When filling out the paperwork, the “patient” didn’t want to give out their Social Security number which law enforcement and other agencies continually tell you not to just randomly give out your information.

Five minutes after the incident, the Sheriff’s department shows up and wants to “check out the house” and the situation. Then they ask for ID and run the entire household for warrants. Of course the officers were as nice as they could be, trying to  throw everyone off guard but the residents knew what was going on. Then they left and sat in the driveway for about fifteen more minutes.

Then comes the next knock on the door and for a ten year old traffic ticket of $30, they decide to arrest the person taking them to jail on a $1000 warrant. This was completely ridiculous and uncalled for all because the “patient” wouldn’t reveal their Social Security number.

After all of that, we were going the speed limit which we always do because we know how Big Brother is – and there was a dark colored car speeding up to us from behind. Once they reached us, they zoomed around really fast and continued on their way. It was a government car breaking the speed limit laws.

Thomas Jefferson, “Tyranny is when what is legal for the government is illegal for the citizenry.”

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