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Houston, Texas – Amazingly, after posting the first article regarding Dianna Liner and the Liner Entertainment Group, she (Liner) finally responded to our requests for answers to the questions we had for her.  She was so panicked by our report, she sent 15 emails asking us to call her.

When we had a minute, we did call her and she gave us a lot of excuses for the RipOff Report, ScamVent and other online consumer sites. She told us the same thing she has been telling all of her angry clients, she was waiting for her investors to fund her projects so she could pay her bills.

She had no names of any investors which we could verify, hardly any references to give us and every time we investigated her “events” and interaction over the years, the only thing we could find was she was pushing an artist named Bobby Solomon.

Liner E websiteShe gave us references of MooFaces – Brandon Jay, EKO-Films’ Jim Branch, Blythe Frank who is listed as the producer of a film called Wild Oats and various others. Every reference we could contact didn’t really know Liner very well and couldn’t give any information. As far as we can tell she has had minimal contact with these people. She referred to them as “clients” although we could only find they had briefly met at one time or another.

There was one person, MooFaces’ Brandon Jay who said Liner had sponsored a few events with them, but as far as a relationship, they didn’t really have any business dealings with her and it had been three years since they had even heard her name. She was in fact, their client, MooFaces was not her client.

Here is the current situation with Dianna Liner and Liner Entertainment as far as we’ve been able to find – factually and not fictitiously:

Texas Securities 11. She commissioned a website she hasn’t paid for and gave the designer a NSF check and then closed the bank account shortly afterward. After a series of emails, she finally sent the guy $300 after promising to send him $400 claiming it cost her $46 to send him the money. Where’s the rest of the money? Why couldn’t she just send him the balance of that? Wouldn’t that mean if she had $400, she could have sent him $354?

Not only that – she also promised him with her personal guarantee, she would send the remainder last Wednesday because she was having the funds from the “investors” released on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And we all know what happened to that…nothing. Didn’t happen.

PA Securities Press Release2. The Pennsylvania Security Commission in 2009 told Dianna Liner she could no longer solicit funds for investment in their state because she was not in compliance with their investment laws. After their investigation, they found out Liner was trying to get people to invest in her concert scam which would give them a 50% return on their investment within a week. She actually gave them a run-down on how their money could make even more if they stayed with her. Here’s the link to the Press Release which is very clear as to what she did, what she said and where they got the information: PA Securities Commission Enforcement Actions Press Release.

3. The Press Release seems to support the claims by those who have reported Liner’s behavior on the site RipOffReport.comThe posters on the site have the same scenario and Liner comes back at them hard with her broken sentences and improper language and spelling.

An important note when it comes to the Press Release from the Pennsylvania Securities Commission is, she now lives in Texas. There is also a Securities Commission in that state which regulates people soliciting investment funds. The law gives the definition of securities as:

Texas Securities 2 definitions“any limited partner interest in a limited partnership, share, stock, treasury stock…investment contract, or any other interest commonly known as a security, whether similar to those herein referred to or not. The term applies regardless of whether the “security” or “securities” are evidenced by a written instrument.”

Furthermore, the Texas State Securities Board has provisions for people who do investing requiring licenses to solicit these types of monies.

The entire statue can be seen starting with this link: Texas Securities Act and Board Rules.

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