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White House, Washington, DC – Minutes ago, President Obama completed a speech condemning the Senate for voting against stricter background checks. During the speech he lied to the American people calling the efforts of those opposing his views liars specifically naming the NRA.

While Obama was giving his “shame on you” speech to the Senate, he surrounded himself with the parents of the Sandy Hook victims. He didn’t seem to care that he was exploiting the parents to play on the emotions of the American people. It also didn’t bother him to be using Gabby Giffords for his ploy to act as if the Senate had some nerve to defy him.

He further said the Senate had defied the wishes of the American people and said they had voted down “smarter background checks” claiming 90% of the American people want stricter background checks. He failed to mention where he got his figures and implied the people who voted against him weren’t intelligent.

In response to this pathetic display of propaganda for disarming the citizens of the United States, I want to know how it is that Obama can continue to use the Sandy Hook families for his political agenda and not be ashamed of himself.

12403_10151405591657971_181091520_nIt’s as if there is some mass blindness to the truth going on and Obama is the puppet master. There’s wool being pulled over the eyes of gun control supporters and they just don’t seem to get that the lies are being spewed from the mouth of the President.

It doesn’t even make any sense that a criminal is all of a sudden going to grow a conscience and obey any more laws. They are criminals. Criminals break the law. How can it be possible that they can’t see this? How is it possible that a President can call himself intelligent and continue to deny the truth, lie to the faces of the American people and pretend as if evil isn’t the issue.

Mass murder has been around for thousands of years, even before guns. If murderers have been committing crimes for all these years, how is it that suddenly, it’s a gun issue?

It’s not a gun issue. It’s an evil issue.

People still murder and plot. Crimes still go on and guns can still be manufactured, bought and sold and yes – even used in crimes.

So get a clue Obama – you’re the liar and if you believe the crap that’s coming out of your mouth, maybe we need to have a stricter mental check on our President!