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There’s a new face to racism in America and it’s no longer the KKK or White Supremacist groups. A recent poll conducted by the Rasmussen’ Reports this year showed more blacks are racist than whites. Since the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in the “Stand Your Ground” trial, many politicians, media personalities and celebrities have proven they are racist by their Twitter messages and verbal assaults against jury members, Zimmerman and those who are on the side of truth rather than race.

It is outrageous to believe that so many people are so blind to facts and rather than deal with facts, they latch on to media’s twisted reports, the words of black racists who get airtime to spew more hatred as well as politician interfering with the court system because of the perpetuation of race baiters like Al Sharpton and Mo Ivory, who want to continue to push racism forward.

alg-al-sharpton-speaking-jpgWhen is enough enough? I am sickened by the list of celebrities, politicians and news media who are so blind and continue to lie to the public. I am literally sickened by the constant attacks whites are suffering from blacks in the name of Trayvon Martin.

I’m also appalled at the pathetic attempt to use rhetoric like “Social Engineering” which was used by the Martin family attorney, Jasmine Rand but thank God, Greta Van Sustern was able to call it by it’s real name which is “Social Manipulation.” This bubble head Rand should be ashamed of herself trying to mask this manipulation in a cloak of political jargon. Well guess what Jasmine, we’re not that stupid!

There are no words in the English language or any other language that can describe the stupidity of the people who are leading the protest against the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. There are no words to describe the total disgust and disgrace the blacks are bringing on this country by making a non-racial issue a racial issue. There are also no words to describe the moronic behavior of those who are following these ridiculous leaders. Christian? Churches? Please – don’t disgrace the Bible and Christianity by hiding in the garb of a minister or preacher and wearing robes which you are dishonoring. That is true sacrilege!

The complete and utter disregard of George Zimmerman’s right to defend himself against any person who punches, attacks and beats him, jumping on top of him and choking him. What kind of honoree tells someone you’re going to die tonight? And what kind of ludicrous person could possibly uphold a “gangsta” wanna be? What kind of preacher or congregation can lift high a kid who wants to be a gangster, is suspended from school, attacks a neighborhood watchman and beats him? What kind of Christian would actually tell the world that the person who is in the right is a gangsta wanna be?

jamie-foxxThe kind of churches and preachers on the list below – these are the churches that disregard Christianity and instead, use race to gain the political spotlight. These are the ministers that perpetuate hate.

Media exploits the idiotic remarks of a person like Rachael Jeantel who says “Cracker” isn’t a racist term against whites and that it’s acceptable to use the word “nigga” instead of “nigger” because one is racist and the other isn’t? Really? Is this because one is in references to a “gangsta” and the other is derogatory to blacks? So shall we just march on down to the “hood” and say “Hey, my nigga!” and see how fast we get shot?

The media loves this kind of coddling. Poor little Rachael Jeantel – she’s so uneducated. She can’t speak well, we will give her a scholarship. Well – hopefully she won’t squander that and hopefully she’ll get a mentor because wow, if she’s 19 and doesn’t have much ambition to complete her education, what would make them think she will now? And I’m sure the jury thought the same thing I did – what kind of friend is this? Is she a representation of Martin’s thinking? Because if she is – that doesn’t say a whole lot for his character. She lied, she manipulated and she was extremely rude to everyone.

Statistics show blacks are much more violent than whites and not only do they have disregard for anyone outside of their race in general, they don’t even care about their own people. The only time they rally together and circle the wagons is when they can collectively use the race card to put others down.

I’ll explain it like this. There are ten people in the room. Nine of them are having a peaceful discussion and have common courtesy for each other. The tenth person is a loud mouthed whiner and every time this person speaks, no one else can be heard. This person starts threatening others when they don’t get there way and if people don’t cave to their will, they will actually resort to violence. The nine others in the room don’t want problems so they appease the tenth loudmouthed brat and let him verbally abuse them and try to avoid any type of confrontation. They give them what they want so the mental abuse will end.

Lebron JamesWell this scenario is the same exact scenario that is happening with the bratty loudmouthed race whiners who are trampling the rights of the majority to live a peaceful existence. When we allow brats to rule, they get out of control and start running the show, making sure we are afraid by threatening physical violence. Most people cave because they don’t want to be harmed and they don’t want their family harmed. Blacks at this very moment are proving they are violent by attacking whites for no reason and using Trayvon Martin as the excuse.

minajAl Sharpton and his band of Race Baiters are the brats and the rest of us sitting in the majority of common sense are just waiting for them to get over it. Well, that’s not going to happen anymore. We can no longer sit by and allow this kind of behavior. It’s time to change the balance of power and stop coddling these people. I am tired of this and I would hope you are too.

What type of people can continue to call for the public crucifixion of Zimmerman and don’t have to fear retaliation? What makes these people any differen than the KKK of the 60s who called for the lynching of innocent black men? What makes the blacks think they have to fear walking down the streets when whites are not attacking blacks? In fact, blacks are beating and murdering whites in the name of Trayvon Martin and this isn’t news to them because they simply don’t care. What kind of people are these people?Mo Ivory 1

They are the kind of people on the list below. The kind of people we should boycott and no longer support. The kind of people that would take away your rights, stomp on your freedom and judge you by your skin color and tell you it’s “politically correct” and we’re promoting “tolerance.” They are liars.

This is just a partial list which is getting longer every day. These people and companies below should be sued by George Zimmerman, boycotted by all people everywhere who believe in justice and fairness and these are the people who the government should be bringing civil rights charges against.

I certainly hope you will join me in boycotting these people and companies!

Celebrities, media personalities and political figures promoting racicsm

Rev. Al Sharpton
Jesse Jackson
Eric Holder
Mo Ivory
Nancy Grace
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Dr. Drew
Jamie Foxx
Miley Ray Cyrus
Lena Dunham
Sophia Bush
Tom Arnold
Arsenio Hall
Eliza Dushku
Mia Farrow
Kim Kardashian
Mandy Moore
Michael Moore
Katy Perry
David Simon
Tony Braxton
Ronan Farrow
Lance Bass
John Cusack
Jason Alexander
Olivia Wilde
Kloe Kardashian
Kanye West
Debra Messing
Andy Cohen
Kat Dennings
Kate Walsh
Ellen Page
Rosanne Barr
Stevie Wonder
Roddy White
Nicki Minaj
Chaka Kahn
Barack Obama
Spike Lee
The Miami Heat
Lebron James
P Diddy
Dwayne Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudemire
Kirstie Alley
The New Black Panthers
Kanye West

Churches and ministers promoting racism

Rev. Kent J. Siladi, Conference Minister, United Church of Christ in Florida
Bishop Leo Frade, Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida
Archdeacon J. Fritz Bazin, Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida
Bishop Chuck Leigh, Apostolic Catholic Church
Bishop Edward R. Benoway, Florida-Bahamas Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Bishop Timothy Whitaker, Florida Area Resident Bishop, The United Methodist Church
Rev. Willie Israel, Moravian Church Southern Province, Florida District
Rev. Dr. Paige McRight, Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Central Florida, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Dustin Lemke, Quaker Representative, Society of Friends (SEYM)
Presiding Bishop James E. McCoy, Alabama/Florida Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Robert Watkins, Florida Mission Center President, Community of Christ
Fr. Richard Doscher, Ecumenical Representative, Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida
Rev. W. Harvey Jenkins, Executive Presbyter (Retired), Presbyterian Church (USA)
Martha R. Beach, District Executive Minister, Church of the Brethren
Rev. Juan Rodriguez, Regional Minister, Christian Church in Florida (Disciples of Christ)
Bishop McKinley Young, 11th District, African Methodist Episcopal Church
Raymond Johnson, Ph. D., Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowhip of Florida