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Locals refer to the Steam Train Hotel as the place to get drugs. Anything from prescription drugs like Oxycontin to heroin, crack and meth. The 1911 Steam Train Hotel is owned by Bob Rainek of Turkey Creek, LLC and it has been recently revealed through a video that the rumors about drugs which have surrounded the lodging facility are true. There are drugs and drug dealers operating out of the Steam Train Hotel.

In the documentary style posting, Diary of a Drug Addict, the Steam Train Hotel is the location of drug deals, drug addicts and quite a bit of graphic drug use. On the video, Clifford Aragon, convicted felon and right hand man of Rainek can be seen making arrangements to deliver drugs to various people in Antonito.

Aragon is also seen showing Rainek’s daughter, Tegan Welsch-Rainek how to smoke meth. He is also facilitating her by providing Oxycontin and mixing or “cooking” heroin. He can be heard warning her the heroin is pretty strong and she should be careful as she starts to shoot up.


The Steam Train Hotel lodging in Antonito Colorado known for drug trafficking and harboring criminals.

Also on the video, you can see the Steam Train Hotel’s apartment ( the place where the drugs and deals are done) which is supposed to be for the live-in managers. It is located at 402 Main Street in Antonito, Colorado right beside the staircase that leads up to the hotel rooms. Guests have to walk down the outside of the building  in the dark and go up a dimly lit fire escape type stairway to get to their rooms.

Many of the people who can be seen in the video are shooting up, requesting heroin, smoking meth and crack and also negotiating or learning how to deal drugs with and from Aragon. He appears to be the ring-leader of the group, advising them on pricing and how to tell if you can trust a deal or not.

The video also indicates they do their drugs upstairs in the rooms of the hotel as well. You can hear them refer to the upstairs which is where Aragon did his “contin.”

The most shocking portion of the video is not only the constant shooting up of “speedballs” and heroin, but Aragon admitting he murdered someone. He also tells how he cleaned up the crime scene cleaning his fingernails and fooling the police.

The Many Faces of Mark Kasiske, Director of Operations, Turkey Creek LLC and directly linked to Felons, Criminals and Drug Trafficking

The Many Faces of Mark Kasiske, Director of Operations, Turkey Creek LLC and directly linked to Felons, Criminals and Drug Trafficking at the Steam Train Hotel in Antonito, Colorado

Rainek, still defends Aragon claiming he isn’t doing drugs, never did drugs at the Steam Train Hotel and also stands behind him knowing all of the stolen items he took from the property are at a nearby building. Although it is clear to everyone who knows the sitaution Aragon has taken the items which both he and Rainek have reported stolen, Rainek won’t drop the facade he has portrayed to the town. He still insists Aragon is being “picked on” by the police.

The evidence is quite clear that there has been a steady stream of drug traffic coming in and out of the Steam Train Hotel and former managers have left because Rainek would not stop it.

The last managers who were at the Steam Train Hotel told their immediate supervisor Mark Kasiske, Director of Operations for Rainek’s multiple companies not to talk about it with Bob or they would get fired. He also said he had pushed the issue with Rainek once before and almost gotten fired himself.

After continually kicking out Aragon from the Steam Train Hotel, Rainek continues to put him back in the apartment knowing full well of the drug trafficking and reputation. According to the former managers, Rainek is fully aware of his daughter’s relationship with Aragon and knows he is facilitating her drug habit.

For guests, the hazards of crossing over the drug dealers territory to get to their rooms doesn’t make for a warm and friendly place to rest.