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John Dewey Lim Tries Same Scam In Kansas City After Serving Time in Prison


John Dewey Lim, convicted felon and known scammer goes by the names Jeff Kurosawa, Miyamato Sato and also Robert Lim and is pulling the same scam on innocent victims he used four years ago. He posts ads on Craigslist trying to lure in unsuspecting women into prostitution and illegal activities.

Does this guy just not learn? What’s with these arrogant criminals that think the world owes them something every time they open their mouths?

I mean really, Lim is going around saying once again he’s some heavy hitter and owns a financial firm. This time it’s Centurion Capital – who knows what it will be next week. He is so stupid, he uses a gmail address as his professional email. The one he just used to write me a stupid reply was So know it’s some kind of executive escort service I suppose as he really seems to like that type of thing.

Talk about a Craigslist scammer, he posted an ad that reads “Women Wanted for Corporate Companions.” Just do a search for the title and you’ll find this posted all over the United States. In particular, the one in Kansas City is again, Lim trying to get women. Guess he can’t find a legit job or woman so he resorts to scams and deceit.

John Lim 1Here’s how it works for Lim: He’s going around Kansas City once again, meeting women at restaurants, posing as some corporate executive in the financial world and wants them to perform a bunch of run around errands so he can test the person. He then meets again and asks them to go to stores and put aside a bunch of purchases which he says he’ll go back and buy.

Of course, since Lim doesn’t have any money he’ll actually pay out, he pulls out a big wad of bills wrapped in a $100 bill and then pretends like he’s going to pay for the soft drink he “allowed” you to order after promising real food. That never happens either.

He calls you on the phone multiple times, asks you to send him racy pics and then wants to know if you’ll do other things like, find him a place to live, drive him to a lingerie shop where he wants you to model for him. LOL – um what? What kind of executive does this crap.

So we come to his felony arrests (there are quite a few) and you’ve just got to read this:

235 F.3d 382: United States of America, Appellee, v. John Dewey Lim, Also Known As Jeff Kurosawa, Also Known As Miyamato Sato, Appellant


The judge is hilarious and spot on when pegging Lim to be a bratty child who thinks he should be rewarded for bad behavior. Sure this was in 2000 but he was sentenced to 57 months of imprisonment which is almost 5 years. As soon as he got out, he started the scam again, went to federal prison in Kansas at Leavenworth for a term of 27 more months. This time is was for wire fraud for over $36,000 in restitution.


After that little prison stint, he was supposed to report to his probation officer and tell them any name or address changes, etc. Just click the document and you can read it from here.

Since Lim keeps saying he’s got mega bucks and tries to pretend he’s some sort of millionaire, he should have no trouble paying the people he scammed the money from. However, if you read the document, he only has to pay $100 a month or 7% of his monthly take home if he ever had a job. So – if he worked at McDonald’s he would have to pay around $150 a month for full time employment. That should take him forever to pay back.

In the meantime, after serving that prison time, he just jumps right back into it and starts scamming again.

If you believe you’ve seen him or encountered this scenario with Lim, you can turn him into his parole officer. Just call your local law enforcement and if they don’t do anything, call your State Troopers, FBI and the US Marshalls. They know his parole officer and will put in the report for you. Don’t let him get away – he’s not supposed to be engaging in any activity which is related to his previous crimes but he thinks he’s above the law.

So yeah, John doesn’t learn a thing. He is the very definition of crazy. He keeps trying the same thing over and over again, going to prison, banging his head against the wall to get away with the movie set millions and thinking he’ll retire in Burmuda or something.

I’ve got an idea for you.

There’s another guy who likes this type of scam and it’s Clifford Aragon. You, Cliff and Bob Rainek (another scammer dreamer) can get together, put yourselves on one of Bob’s islands down in the Florida Keys and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

You can fish for food and act like assholes all you want. Most likely the three of you out on that island will eventually self destruct and that’s fine by me.

Good luck boys with all your criminal activity as I continue to watch you and laugh and laugh at your attempts to threaten me and the others who have caught you in your lies.

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24 Responses to "John Dewey Lim Tries Same Scam In Kansas City After Serving Time in Prison"

  1. Yet Another Victim says:

    He has ads posted all over Craigslist in more cities than I can count under the Jobs, Gigs, and Personals sections, as well as on Career Builder, Monster, and Back Pages. He has no accent, and tends to wear flashy Versace ties and a Rolex….. He was positively identified at a restaurant in downtown Overland Park, KS last week, and is hanging out at most of his regular haunts again. He is currently saying either Centurion Captial or Chen Financial Group, or Phil Ruffin are the Very Important and Influential People he is representing…. He offers both legitimate sounding and sexually oriented jobs that he will never compensate you for, unless he already has compromised and accessed your credit or your bank or investment accounts. HE IS PILLAGING AND DEFRAUDING COUNTLESS WOMEN DAILY OF $20-40 FOR A PHONY BACKGROUND CHECK.

    BEWARE: He is an arrogant, evil bastard and needs to return to prison post-haste. If you are too embarrassed to report him, call the anonymous tips lines at your local, state and FBI offices…. HE HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!

    • Yet Another Victim says:

      He is fleeing prosecution— again!!!! He has an active warrant in Johnson County Distric Court, he did not show up for court on the 31st of October 2014 on two large scale bounced checks. Let us put this vile chunk of fecal matter behind bars for good. Be on the lookout for and quickly report any sighting of or contact to the Johnson County Kansas Sheriff’s Department….. All details of this and other crimes he has committed are available on the Johnson County Kansas kans public search section…

      • Victim says:

        He’s in the Briarcliff area now, he’s using an 816 number.

        • Another Victim says:

          He has ANOTHER OUTSTANDING ACTIVE WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST IN SARPY COUNTY NEBRASKA– IN THE OMAHA AREA. If you or anyone you know is a victim of this bastard, contact law enforcement and reach out to other victims…. The only way to stop this narcissistic felonious bastard is to band together, report and share information and to demand justice.

          And his new fake name is Steve Lau. What a piece of excrement….

          • Holly says:

            Well, he just victimized me from a Craigslist ad and had me buy a sprint prepaid card that was supposedly for me, and then he had me read off the code and used it. Promising me all kinds of money to be on his staff as his submissive mistress and all kinds of bs. He needs serious psychiatric help. Does anyone know the parole office phone number so that I can turn over all of this information?

          • The Angatonist says:

            He’s been using this same exact scam for at least seven years. You need to contact the courts in Nebraska and Kansas as that’s where he was most recently on probation. He’s also apparently got another warrant.

  2. キャロライン says:

    I trolled this dude so hard after he tried this shit on me.
    I posted tons of name n shames on craigslist. He replied from a few different sock puppet accounts, and in a lulzy turn of events, he replied to one saying that I had broken federal law by using his name and he would sue me.
    I pointed out that he just admitted that he was indeed John Dewey Lim, and he tried to backtrack and say he wasn’t. He stopped replying after I inquired about his time in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
    Let’s send him back there.

  3. Layne says:

    He also goes by Steven (or Steve) Chow. He tried this on me. Despite my best efforts to ignore him, he still leaves me messages telling me he needs me to come into “work”. He’s nuts!

  4. Kaye says:

    He is going by David Chow, or was yesterday when he got me for $40. & his company name is Centurion property group.

  5. John lim says:

    Hi. You have been telling people to report me to the authorities for over a year. Aren’t you beginning to wonder why nothing ever happens? Or have you been repeating this same bullshit so long you believe it? Do you tell people you were a hooker for me or did you forget that part? Lol .

    • The Angatonist says:

      LOL – everyone needs to read this pathetic response from John Lim – and his email is just in case you’re wanting to know. LOL hooker? LOL that’s wishful thinking on your part you moron. I’m guessing all the women who refuse to fall for your stupid games are called hookers by you. So what are you saying John? Were you some sort of pimp? Is that what you are? Thanks for admitting that right online. What an idiot but then again, you can’t be a brainiac if you keep going to prison and women keep exposing your stupidity. If you were that smart, you wouldn’t have gotten caught by the Feds and you wouldn’t be a well known scammer in the KC area. LOL – you make me laugh you pathetic loser. And FYI, reporting on you for a year? Try longer and also it’s the Internet – the story keeps going on it’s own and people who you’ve tried to scam keep emailing so there you have it smart guy. Thanks for the laugh of the day LOL!

  6. John lim says:

    If every girl is applying to be an escort, then how did you meet me? Why don’t you tell all the nice people that you started all this because you applied to be an escort and we couldn’t use you. By the way thanks for publishing the box address I used because you just violated your own posting rules and now I am shutting you down. You keep telling people I am always in prison and wanted by the marshals but I never get picked up. Tell the nice people that you are just bullshitting because nothing you ever say comes to anything. Does it? See you in court hooker

    • The Angatonist says:

      First of all John “I’m an idiot” Lim – you advertise for women to work as a personal assistant or secretary which is not an escort. You have all the girls meet you at a stinking restaurant where you say you’ll treat them to breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever the time of day. The day I saw you was at a restaurant where you were conducting interviews and there were four of us around the table with you. You discussed the job in detail and then never ordered a thing. You didn’t pay for anything and then pretended to flash a wad of cash like that’s impressive. Anyone can flash cash which doesn’t mean anything. Next you proceeded to have the women run errands around town to see if they would “obey” your commands. After that you started asking for pathetic ridiculous pictures of the women in lingerie. You’re such an idiot that you didn’t even know the girls and I were talking behind your back and setting you up.

      Not only that, I haven’t been talking about you “always” being anywhere. You’re not that interesting for one thing. You’re just a stupid loser who can’t make real money so you have to try and scam people for it rather than do actual work.

      Court LOL – you’re hilarious! This is my site you moron and your the event boss – not me so apparently you can’t even get a real address on a real dot com since you’re always changing your email every five minutes. There’s no privacy for a felon who is still scamming people.

    • The Angatonist says:

      And another thing, I never had a panel van and I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about except you’re delusional and should be in prison for life in my opinion. Why the hell do you even care about this story. Seems like your obsessed. Could it be that this story is hurting your ability to scam people? If so – Good for me and all the others posting here. Now crawl back in your hole and piss off!

  7. Emily says:

    He’s in jail in Omaha and being extradited to Kansas City!!!!!!

  8. KK says:

    Stupid Idiot is currently in Douglas County (Omaha NE) lock up. While waiting to extradited, local authorities are receiving 100’s of calls about his crap here. This group is reaching out to, not just law enforcement, but to each other, sharing stories and banding together (with people in the greater KC area too) to make sure this low life, not even good enough to call scum, looser never stands on the outside of a prison wall ever again!

    • cupcake says:

      He’s out of jail today 6/17/2015. He was supposed to have court . He’s got posts all over cl today .

  9. bob says:

    Ok things got really serious now. He is supposed to have assaulted a friend of mine. This past weekend and is on the run. Sexual assault.

    • The Angatonist says:

      What’s even worse is the way the courts are run by liberals who think a little pat on the head and sending them on their way is going to stop this. He’ll keep assaulting people and keep stealing their money until he’s dead. He can still operate in prison so it’s not going to matter.

  10. bob says:

    Yes this time he was trying to work a janitorial job at a local restaurant to make pocket money I guess and he assaulted the manager as they were closing.

  11. DreamSmith says:

    Does anyone have a most recent number on this guy so we can be aware of what to look for.

  12. KCVictim says:

    Most recent number that I had for him was 913-292-7878. I too fell for the personal assistant thing. It has been over a week since he contacted me, so I’m not sure if that number works anymore.

  13. Holly says:

    He’s going by Stephen Kim now and saying that he works with centurion capital and the email is the phone # is 913-292-7878

  14. Holly says:

    Also uses the number 702-919-1788

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